Tactical Mobility

This class of vehicles are designed to meet the most demanding military duty-cycle requirements for on- and off-road performance in extreme environments. Unlike militarized commercial vehicles, this range of vehicles are designed from the ground-up based on international military standards. As result, the service life of a NIMR vehicle spans 15 – 20 years, far longer than up-armoured commercial vehicles.

The 440A model features a high degree of protection to enhance survivability of the crew from roadside IEDs, under-vehicle mines and ballistic threats. These tested and certified vehicles provide for physical crew security, with the roof-mounted self-defence weapons and integrated command and control and mission systems providing additional crew survivability.

Due to the modular nature of these vehicles, the AJBAN 420 and 440 range can be configured to suit a variety of operational roles. This allows users to have a single fleet for a multitude of requirements whilst ensuring common logistic support and thereby lower the life-cycle cost.

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