Specialized Military Vehicles

Today’s evolving threat environment has driven the need to provide a class of vehicles which provides military class protection levels for high-level officials, whilst affording high-end commercial comfort. Based on NIMR’s highly successful AJBAN series, the AJBAN VIP military armoured vehicle can be customised to meet the highest standards and most discerning of customers.

Unlike commercially up-armoured vehicles, the AJBAN VIP is designed with discrete blast and ballistic protection, to make the vehicle indistinguishable from the AJBAN soft-skin vehicle range, and can seamlessly blend with support vehicles during convoy movements.

This specialized military vehicle can also integrate incorporate fire-suppression systems, an over-pressure system for biological and chemical protection, night vision camera system, full 360° situational awareness and the latest tactical communication systems.

The HAFEET Ambulance is a 6×6 blast and ballistic protected Armoured Ambulance design to be highly configurable to provide trauma medical care for the wounded on the battlefield. Side doors provide access to the cabin for the driver and commander while the crew of 1 medic, 2 stretcher patients and 2 sitting patients access via a rear door.

The HAFEET Ambulance’s extended roof allows for extra head room inside the cabin, which can be equipped with a wide array of medical equipment.

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