Special Forces Vehicles

Evolving industry trends has seen the special operator community demand special forces military vehicles with greater crossover of mission requirements and capabilities. NIMR addressed this critical gap through the development of the AJBAN LR-SOV, an open-top 4×4 long-range reconnaissance vehicle that is capable of accessing all terrains. The LR-SOV is also helicopter transportable and can be optionally fitted with ballistic and blast protection.

Based on combat experience from special forces NIMR designed and developed a light yet powerful 4×4 rapid intervention vehicle for a high-speed response to tactical situations in remote sites,. The Rapid Intervension Vehicle (RIV) uses speed and mobility as a critical advantage to enable a crew of four to traverse various terrains at high-speed. Such special military vehicles can be transported either by fast ground transit or helicopter insertion, both underslung or inside a CH-47.

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