Similar to the Tactical Mobility class of vehicles, the Logistics class provides a fleet of dedicated military logistics vehicles designed to meet military standards, with their lifespan far exceeding that of militarised commercial vehicles, up-armoured vehicles or those based on commercial drivelines.

Military logistics vehicles include the AJBAN 450 and HAFEET 620 models. The AJBAN 450 is a 4×4 vehicle equipped with a four-man station wagon cabin available in multiple configurations. The electronic architecture of the vehicle ensures effective communication integration, while the vehicle architecture, composed of the NIMR’s double wishbone independent suspension portal axles, provides outstanding mobility in all terrains.

The HAFEET 620A is a 6×6 vehicle purpose-built to provide critical logistics and utility support to deployment missions. The vehicle features a two-man cabin and large cargo hold that can be integrated with a variety of mission systems and weapon system loads. The vehicle is also equipped with a variety of high degree protection elements to enhance crew survivability against attacks from roadside IEDs, under-vehicle mines and ballistic threats. The vehicle provides a variant of optional ISO lock for integration of shelter systems.

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