• Description

    The NIMR (RIV) vehicle is a light 4×4 rapid intervention vehicle to enable high-speed response to tactical situations in remote sites, either by fast ground transit or helicopter insertion both underslung or inside a CH-47.

    The typical mission for the NIMR RIV is conceived using speed and mobility as the critical advantage enabling the crew of 4 to traverse diverse terrain at high speed, both on and off-road, armed with up to 12.7 mm machine gun.

    The NIMR RIV will carry under-body blast protection as standard and modular applique armour packs for ballistic protection.

  • Optional Equipment
    • Battery management system (BMS)
    • Add on ballistic armour kit
    • Underslung structure
    • Central tyre inflation system (CTIS)
    • Run flat inserts (RFI)
    • Various weapon systems
    • C4I command & control
    • Tactical communications
    • Self-recovery winch
    • 6 seater option
    • Ride height control
    • Payload growth potential
  • Mobility Profile
    • Fording: 500 mm
    • Step Climb: 300 mm
    • Gradient: 60%
    • Maximum Speed: 160 km/hr (<11 sec 0 to 100 kph)


Length 5,250 mm
Width 2,000 mm
Height 1,850 mm
Wheelbase 3,280 mm
Payload 1,500 kg
Gross weight 4,000 kg
Cruising range 1,000 km @ 120 kph
Maximum crew 4
Turning circle 15 m
Ballistic and blast protection Included for Crew
Transmission 8 speed automatic
Brake typedual circuit air-over hydraulic
Engine power 225 kW (300 hp)
Engine torque 600 Nm @ 1800 npm


Technical specifications are subject to change without prior notice.