Desert Camouflaged Military Vehicle

JAIS 6×6

  • Description

    The JAIS Family of Vehicles brings together 40 years of experience in protected mobility. It offers survivability and tactical mobility in a rare balance that, together with significant internal volume and payload, enables multi-role application and allows multiple customisation options. The cross-over nature of this family of vehicles makes it the ideal choice for deployment in the volatile and unpredictable modern combat theatre. The highly modular JAIS provides modern suspension and powertrain, high power-to-weight ratio and excellent situational awareness.

    The increased payload of the 6×6 MRAP version provides a platform to which multitude of weapons, mission equipment and enhanced protection systems can be added without sacrificing the vehicle mobility performance. The JAIS 6×6 MRAP military truck is an ideal platform to complement the 4×4 version and allowing users to meet a diverse range of requirements.

    Vehicle design has ensured ease of maintenance and servicing, together with up to 90% commonality with the JAIS 4×4 version, that greatly reduces though life support costs.

  • Standard Equipment
    • Central tyre inflation system (CTIS)
    • Run flat inserts (RFI)
    • Recovery tools
  • Optional Equipment
    • Ride height adjustment
    • Winterisation kit
    • Fire suppression system
    • Health, usage and monitoring system
    • Various weapon systems
    • C4I command & control
    • Situational awareness
    • Self-recovery winch
    • Electrical power management system
    • Situational awareness
    • Driver Aids
  • Mobility Profile
    • Fording: 750 mm
    • Trench: 1,100 mm
    • Step Climb: 600 mm
    • Gradient: 60%
    • Maximum Speed: 105 km/hr

Length  6,854 mm
Width  2,753 mm
Height  2,650 mm
Wheelbase  3,100 / 1,550 mm
Hump radius  2,148 mm
Payload  5,200 kg
Gross weight  27,000 kg
Cruising range  700 km
Maximum crew  2 + 9
Operating temperature  -19C to +55C
Turning circle  17 m
Ballistic and blast protection  As per mission requirements
IED side protection level  Included
Transmission  6 speed automatic
Suspension  Independent with hydro-pneumatic strut
Brake type  Air-actuated disc brakes
Tyres  16.00R20
Engine power  447 kW / 600 hp
Engine torque  1,900 Nm


Technical specifications are subject to change without prior notice.