Armored Ambulance for Military

HAFEET Armoured Ambulance

  • Description

    The HAFEET military ambulance vehicle is a 6×6 blast and ballistic protected armoured ambulance design to be highly configurable to provide trauma medical care for the wounded on the battlefield. Side doors provide access to the cabin for the driver and commander while the crew of 1 medic, 2 stretcher patients and 2 sitting patients access via a rear door. The HAFEET Ambulance’s extended roof allows for extra head room inside the cabin, which can be equipped with a wide array of medical equipment.

    The HAFEET multi-purpose platform can be configured for all military requirements at 15,000 kg capacity. A universal 6×6 chassis is utilised for a common logistic footprint for the user to minimise the burden of training, maintenance and spare parts management. All vehicles in the HAFEET class can be protected, and specific protected models are included for crew survivability with fully tested and certified cabins.

  • Standard Equipment
    • Battery management system (BMS)
    • Self-recovery winch
    • Central tyre inflation system (CTIS)
    • Run flat inserts (RFI)
    • Recovery tools
  • Optional Equipment
    • RPG protection net
    • Medical equipment fit to user requirements
    • Fuel tank protected
    • Critical engine ballistic protection
    • Overpressure protection system against biological and chemical threats
    • Fire suppression system
  • Mobility Profile
    • Fording: 900 mm
    • Step Climb: 400 mm
    • Gradient: 60%
    • Maximum Speed: 110 km/hr


Length 7,000 mm
Width 2,600 mm
Height 2,700 mm
Wheelbase 3,300 mm
Payload 1,750 kg
Gross weight 15,000 kg
Cruising range 700 km @ 100 kp/h
Maximum crew 3 crew + 4 patients
Operating temperature-19°C to +49°C
Turning circle <18 m
Ballistic and blast protection As per mission requirements
Transmission 6 speed automatic
Brake type Dual circuit air-over hydraulic
Engine power 270 kW (360 hp)
Engine torque 1,100 Nm

Technical specifications are subject to change without prior notice.