NIMR Automotive new AJBAN SOV Special Operations Vehicle in live demo at Warrior Competition in JORDAN

04 May 2016 – During the Warrior Competition 2016, at the KASOTC Special Forces training Camp in Jordan, the United Arab Emirates Company NIMR Automotive presents one the most modern combat vehicle especially designed for Special Forces units which is called AJBAN SOV (Special Operations Vehicle).

NIMR Automotive is one of the main sponsor of the Warrior Competition 2016, the event is a good opportunity for all International competitors from 11 countries to receive latest information about new products available on the military market as small arms and combat vehicles.

The vehicle showed by NIMR Automotive at the Warrior Competition is a prototype of its AJBAN SOV, but now the vehicle has been updated with latest feedback of troops to offer a unique combat vehicle which are fully designed to response to the new needs of Special Forces troops from all over the world. In the next few weeks, the AJBAN SOV new generation will be ready for production.

The NIMR AJBAN Special Operations Vehicle (SOV) is an open top 4×4 long-range reconnaissance vehicle for Special Forces based on the AJBAN class family of armoured vehicles. Light and powerful, capable of accessing all terrains and helicopter transportable, this vehicle can be fitted with any user specified equipment. The AJBAN SOV seats 4 crew with an optional 5th seat, providing all round situational awareness and self-defence from a high mounted gun ring and gun mounts at all crew positions The vehicle can optionally be fitted with ballistic and blast protection.

The circular ring mounted on the roof of the vehicle can be armed with a 7.62mm or 12.7mm machine gun. The AJBAN Class of 4×4 vehicles provides a multipurpose platform for all military requirements at 9 tonnes capacity from utility vehicles to fully protected patrol vehicle.

A universal 4×4 chassis is utilised for a common logistic footprint to the user to minimize the burden of training, maintenance and spare parts management. All vehicles in the AJBAN Class can be protected, and specific protected models are included for crew survivability with fully tested and certified cabins.

The base platform utilises a six cylinder in line diesel engine producing 300hp in standard form with 360hp available as an option. The fully automatic power shift transmission is mated to the NIMR two speed drop box and provides drive to the NIMR fully independent double wishbone portal axles. This provides high ground clearance and, coupled with full differential locking and central tyre inflation ensures outstanding tactical mobility.

The AJBAN SOV can run at a maximum speed of 110 km/hr with a maximum cruising range of 700 km. The vehicle has a total gross weight of 7,980 kg with a maximum payload of 3,000 kg.