The Wall Street Journal Article – Gulf Arab States Push to Develop Their Own Defense Industries

The Wall Street Journal has published its piece on the regional defence industry, written by correspondents Margherita Stancati and Nicolas Parasie. It focuses on the burgeoning defence industries in Gulf states, writing that Gulf leaders want to become less dependent on the US and other Western countries, and that they see defence as a sector that can help diversify their oil-based economies.

Accompanying the headline is a large photo of the NIMR AJBAN 440A in the desert, taken during a demonstration of the vehicle’s capabilities with Nicolas Parasie.

Information from Nicolas Parasie’s interviews with NIMR CEO Dr Fahad Harhara and engineer Omran Alhashemi features in three paragraphs dedicated to NIMR’s activities.

The article notes that the UAE is already producing armoured vehicles and that in February, NIMR won a contract to supply 1,750 armoured vehicles to the country’s armed forces. The authors comment that “it was a rare example of a local business securing a deal of such size”.

The article also highlights that NIMR produces around four vehicles a day and is looking to export to Eastern European and Asian markets.

In the final paragraph, the authors write that “in a sign of how the development of the local defence industry is shaping career perspectives, many of NIMR’s engineers are Emirati”. They use a quote from NIMR engineer Omran Alhashemi to support this: “My father thought a successful path would be in oil and gas”.