NIMR, the leading military truck manufacturer in the UAE, has established a modern production system at its site in Ajban, Abu Dhabi, that delivers consistent quality and high volumes. Total production flexibility has been built into the process layout allowing for multiple model types to be built simultaneously on multiple lines and multiple models on single production lines. The layout design optimises product throughput and flow of vehicles to maximise output volume and efficiency. By having a heavily manual production process, NIMR can quickly reorganizes resources (whether equipment or personnel) to quickly react to changing customer requirements.

A new state-of-the-art cutting and bending facility in Al Ain gives NIMR the capability to cut and bend most of our current fabrication product needs. It consists of three advanced laser cutting machines along with the latest technology in bending equipment.

NIMR’s quality focus begins with the initial design. During the concept stage, the vehicle is designed to be easily manufactured with replicable and simple click-and-fit processes.

Quality is built into the vehicle in the part assembly and through testing and inspection stations throughout the manufacturing process.

The new NIMR production facility, spanning 37,500 square metres includes a state-of-the-art facility designed to supply every component required for each stage of the assembly process. The facility includes an Assembly Shop, Sub Assembly, Welding Shop, Paint Shop and fully integrated Logistics Warehouse.

The production facilities have flexibility to build multiple models in all areas of production. Rigorous testing is performed during the Quality Control Phase before each NIMR vehicle is signed off, including a fully capable testing line and off-road test track.

Visual Management System will allow for real-time production monitoring and also provides the workers with active interfaces to request support, identify problems and facilitate improved communication.