NIMR possesses a complete design capability, encompassing all aspects of military vehicle technology from driveline to protection systems. With a team of highly experienced military vehicle engineers drawn from across the world and using the latest design tools, NIMR Engineering covers the full product lifecycle for military vehicles from conception to delivery and through-life support.

NIMR vehicles are designed to meet the most demanding duty-cycle requirement for off-road performance. Specialist applications provide market-leading vehicle mobility, crew safety and reliability over life in-service.

Through constant product improvement, innovation and analysis of industry trends, NIMR’s design team applies advanced modelling techniques and simulation to incorporate new technologies, ensure continuous improvement of our vehicle fleet and integrates customer requests for customisation of existing vehicles.

NIMR works closely with its customers to fully understand their requirements and provide conceptual solutions for review with all stakeholders as part of our robust world-class engineering process.

The latest simulation tools and techniques are appropriately utilised to shorten the design cycle and rapidly mature NIMR designs which are generated to single component detail in the latest solid design tools.

Our engineering team works closely with global suppliers of automotive systems and specialist technologies and materials for the best vehicle performance, reliability and protection.

NIMR’s in-house prototyping provides rapid verification and validation for the design against the requirements for function and production build. The trials team makes extensive use of the natural environment of the UAE, the Abu Dhabi test facilities and other global test facilities to ensure performance and reliability of all NIMR vehicles.

In a dynamic and creative culture, NIMR engineering continually introduces design improvements to ensure that our vehicles stay up to date with global best practice.