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NIMR Automotive L.L.C. is developing as one of the leading light-to-medium military protected vehicles manufacturer in the MENA region.

NIMR delivers high-performance proven military wheeled vehicles that are designed for the harshest, hottest desert conditions whilst focusing on crew safety. This is achieved through constant engineering innovation comprehensive testing and implementation of the highest standards in design and manufacturing we provide reliable vehicles and best-in-class desert performance. The modular design is adapted to meet the specific requirements of our customers.

NIMR produces a wide range of 4x4 and 6x6 variants in both armoured and non-armoured configurations, with configurable crew capacity and payload, to the UAE Armed Forces and targeting rapid expansion throughout the MENA region.

NIMR, under new management and direction, has made major strides in R&D and Engineering to develop a new range of vehicles. By fusing together an experienced team of national and international expertise we are developing an indigenous UAE design and development capability for defence vehicles.

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At NIMR Automotive, we design, manufacture, deliver and support wheeled vehicles to meet the growing needs of armed forces and internal security organisations. Based in Abu Dhabi, NIMR‘s product line is engineered for a wide range of combat and non-combat operations.

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